About Us

We have expanded into a physical store situated at Boskruin Village Shopping Centre in Bromhof, Randburg. Our Online store will carry on as usual and we remain dedicated to make your instore and online experience as smooth as possible.

We at Viskas are passionate about fishing and want to share this passion with you.

My love for fishing started at the young age of 3 years old. I remember the family trips to Oberon at Harties, which usually lasted 3 to 4 weeks with young and old always trying to catch the most or the biggest Harties carp!

Growing up my dad was part of the Gauteng Central Police Club, which I naturally became a junior member of. The excitement of knowing you are on the way to the dam for a competition is almost indescribable, as I am sure any fisherman is too familiar with. I would hardly sleep and when my dad was ready, we were usually on the road by 3am to reach the gates by 6am. On the way it was my task to knead (brei) the freshly made pap for the days fishing - almost always burning my hands in the process and obviously sneaking a bite or 2 for myself. Once at the gate it wouldn’t be long before there was a queue of anglers - all just as excited for the day – waiting to draw a peg and then rush to your spot to get everything ready. As soon as that hooter sounded at 7am all you could hear was the sound of rods bending through the air as the baits were cast in. After a tough day in the sun, we would weigh in around 3:30pm and then it was off home again with another excitement in me, as I could not wait to get home to share the days happenings with my mom. I would recommend the competitive scene to any angler, from beginner to self-proclaimed pro, as it is a fast-paced action filled day and you get to learn so much of the sport you love.

These days I am more of a social angler that enjoys fishing trips with the friends and family and, although it is still instinct to want to out fish them all, I enjoy it far more helping the others - especially my daughter - to get a fish on the line, after all it is the greatest feeling having that battle with the fish.

At Viskas we strive to provide you with the newest and freshest bait, so you can enjoy your fishing trips and make memories with your friends and family as well. If we do not have your favorite bait, please send us a request and we will do our best to source it for you.

We thank you for your support and cannot wait to hear all about your fishing trips.

Stywe Lyne! Tightlines!