22.4lb 0.28mm 1200m - BROWNY CARP

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Fishing line made of high-quality Mitsubishi Novamid NT 70 polymer, which was developed specifically for carp fishing. 

The core of the fishing line consists of a low-expansion polymer, which ensures its low stretch, therefore it is ideal for fishing at extremely long distances. 

The new surface treatment technology protects it from UV radiation, which significantly extends its life. 

The brown color of the smoldering leaves contributes to its low visibility in any lighting conditions.

Excellent abrasion resistance and high knot strength are a matter of course for AWA'S ION POWER fishing lines, and together with the other properties, they predetermine the Ion Power line of monofilaments as the elite on the European market.

Available in a large-capacity roll of 1200 meters.

Indicated on the spool are the Diameter (3 decimal point accurate), Fish Class the line is suitable for, ISO Knot strength (minimum)

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