18.6lb Gold 1000m 0.26mm - C+ GOLD

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This fishing line is made and coloured using new dyeing technology. Even after long-term use, it has minimal loss of knot and tensile strength.

Thanks to the surface layer, it has maximum resistance to abrasion and is also protected against UV radiation, which extends its service life.

It is mainly suitable for long casting and for various fishing techniques.

Because of it's resistance to high impact and low visibility signature it is a very highly regarded spinning mono, It is also very popular among feeder fishermen.

It is wound on the spool in a parallel smooth winding so that the bottom layers remain perfectly smooth and uncompressed by the top layers.

Packages of  1000m

Indicated on the spool are the Diameter (3 decimal point accurate), Fish Class the line is suitable for, ISO Knot strength (minimum)

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