34.6lb 0.35mm 150m - RED BRAVO

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Fishing line from the HYPER SOFT DURA CORE category, made with four-core technology (the line is composed of four layers instead of the usual 1 to 2) - ideal for spinning, carp and feeder.

It is made in a matte dark red color that does not reflect light rays and from a depth of approx. 1.5m is practically invisible.

The special quality of these Nylons provides more successful strikes with solid hooksets and accurate casts.

Low Stretch, high knot strength and overall resistance is much better than the usual fishing lines you have tried so far.

Packaging 150m.

It is wound on the spool in a parallel smooth winding so that the bottom layers remain perfectly smooth and uncompressed by the top layers.

Indicated on the spool are the Diameter (3 decimal point accurate), Fish Class the line is suitable for, ISO Knot strength (minimum)

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